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Latest Updates

Latest Updates

From my Now page today.

Side Projects

This is the stuff I'm currently working on:

  • Developing fun projects and publishing them on my Projects Page.
  • Youtube channel: Still trying to figure this out. For now, it's stopped so I can focus on just building apps and startups. I do have a secondary channel that I post weekly without any editing, it's linked to my main channel. It's called Luskira Extras.
  • Writing essays when I have something to say.

I believe in not spreading myself too thin, and that's why I'm picking my projects very carefully.

Writing is something I already do because of my notetaking habits and tips I've seen about how to generate creative ideas, so once a month I normally have a post written down on stuff I am learning.

And I'm coding side projects as long as I'm having fun with it.


Currently in San Francisco, checking the city. Meeting founders and getting inspired.

I'll be back in Brazil by June 2nd and from then on I'll start monk mode and go all weekends/weekdays after work to build side projects, and do the One Startup a Month challenge(based on Pieter Levels).

Long Term

I am looking into getting the O1 Visa to build in the valley for the next 3 years starting next year(2025). But it would be nice if I could also get the E2 visa via Italian citizenship too, I hear that visa is more stable.

So far my Italian citizenship will probably land around April next year.

Daily Job

I work as a Software Engineer at ShowSeeker, where I am on a React adtech project.


Updating this constantly My Book Recommendations.

The inspiration for this now page is from Derek Sivers. The purpose is to show where your time and priorities lie. Check his website and create your own!

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